Food Conveyor Belt

No. 1 Brand of Food Conveyor Belt Manufacturer in Mumbai - India

Shetty Enterprise is one of the decision food conveyor belt manufacturer, and food conveyor belt supplier in the industry of food processing, food packaging, baking, confectionary, poultry, and meat and so on. Our highly Expertised Professionals take care of little things while manufacturing this food Conveyor belt. They design the belt with the utmost care so that their surfaces don’t chemically respond to any food item.

Food Conveyor Belt Manufacturer

We supply a broad range of food Conveyor belt featuring high-quality coating materials suitable for all latest food production steps which are highly efficient and highly strong. We design food conveyor belt of the best and top quality in the industry. As it is related to eatable things we avoid colors on it to stop it from any smell or color contamination.

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