Cleated Conveyor Belt

Best Quality of Cleated Belt Conveyor Manufacturer in Mumbai.

We are cleated belt conveyor manufacturer in Mumbai, India which is a type of conveying system for working material across product lines. Our cleated belt conveyor is operated for all type of industries in manufacturing, warehousing, assembly lines, moving and working production lines. The belt in the cleated belt conveyor turns between the two pulleys.

Cleated Conveyor Belt Manufacturer

Cleated belt conveyor manufacturer in Mumbai are made of MS material and belt helped with a roller at a certain range to avoid pack of belt between drive and non- drive pulley. Cleated belt pulley is used to help the product to move incline as wells as step product to operators or to offer predictable spacing on a line. In Cleated belt conveyor cleats are added to flat belting in order to different or support products, mostly in incline or decline application. The cleated belt conveyor manufacturer in Mumbai, India is readily provided with stands that give u your desired slant of incline or decline up to 40 degrees.

We are a leading Cleated Conveyor Belt Manufacturer In Mumbai – India. These are used to lead goods on a horizontal or inclined conveyor. It has essential molded cleats that keep the material from falling as it does on a flat surface belt. These belts retain loose materials attached to the belt base and ignore rollback or slippage. Our offered Cleated Conveyor Belt is assemble of best-quality material and is known for its longevity and lightweight.

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