Chevron Conveyor Belt

Top Quality Manufacturer Chevron Conveyor Belt from Mumbai

Established in 1999, Shetty Enterprise is one of the most important manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of the Chevron Conveyor Belt. The Shetty Enterprise on Chevron conveyor belt get vulcanized onto the top cover of the belt during the manufacturing process. Profiles manufactured of especially abrasion-resistant rubber types are available in 45 to 60 Shore hardness compounds. It provides a smooth ride across return idlers thanks to the pitch between two cleats. As a result, we are the trusted Chevron Conveyor Belt Manufacturer In Mumbai, India.

Chevron conveyor belt, Food Conveyor Belt

Our creative team of professionals are always ready to make set ups for maximum output of our range of preferred conveyor belt. Our series of chevron conveyor belt is used to transfer material or products with inclined conveying. We provide convenient and required inclination for the product that seeks transfer with safe manner. It is provided with vertical cleats to facilitate easy conveying.

It is abrasion Resistant Conveyor Belt and consists of high tensile strength. It is specially made with resistant to grease and oil. It is made user friendly that contains more advance features. It is made very convenient for suitable operations and adds functional value to automation system.

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Chevron Conveyor Belt
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